Top Best Weapons In PUBG 2019 | Best Guns To Win Chicken Dinner


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the best gaming application in the market. Almost all the young generations are very interested in playing this PUBG game on their Android and IOS devices. Nowadays recently all are spending their leisure time only on playing the PUBG game. It is a very interesting game and the game winner gets chicken dinner at the end of the game.

Best Guns To Win PUBG

To get chicken dinner in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground you need to learn a lot of things. The most important thing is the best weapons in PUBG mobile which are used for gaming. You can collect all types of guns around different islands. There is a wide variety of different types of best guns available in PUBG Mobile. They are sniper rifles, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Sub Machine Guns, and Shotguns.

Best Guns Weapons In PUBG
Best Guns Weapons In PUBG

In this article, we are providing some of the best guns which are very helpful for the PUBG player to get chicken dinner in the game. If you want to become a successful player in PUBG then you need to learn and understand the different types of best Guns list in PUBG. Topmost PUBG best weapons tier list is provided here.

  • Groza
  • Beryl M762
  • AWM
  • M24
  • DP-28
  • M249
  • Tommy gun
  • UMP9
  • S686
  • S1897

Top Best Weapons In PUBG


Different types of Assault Rifles are available in PUBG Mobile. But Groza is the most powerful Assault Rifles gun in PUBG weapons stats. It has designed with base damage factor of 49 and is found only on drop crates.

Best Pubg Weapon Groza

Groza has a mag capacity of 30 bullets and it uses 7.62 mm around. You can find it on drop crates or from some other person’s crates and better you can hold on to it. The suppressor is the better attachment for the rifles and gives very stability while firing.

Beryl M762

A recently added best Assault Rifles in PUBG Guns list in 2019. It is also one of the topmost guns which are in the category of Assault. Beryl M762 has newly updated with 0.9.5 and it is not limited to the drop crate.

PUBG Beryl M762
Beryl M762

Along with that, it uses 7.62 mm and when coming to attachments it is very versatile. It offers base damage factor of 47. It supports both suppressor and compensator as attachments and also gives 2x scope.

PUBG Best Guns List To Win Chicken Dinner

All two Assault Rifles guns support both Suppressor and Compensator as an array of attachments and provide 2x and 4x scope for players which is used for firing the enemies.


Also known as Arctic Warfare Magnum. The more powerful weapon in PUBG mobile game. In this game, sniper rifles are only found in crates. But you can find this gun on the map that is 300 ammo.


It has designed with base damage factor of 120 and has a magazine capacity of around 5 rounds. AWM gives 8x scope and has an extended mag. Both suppressor and check pad are best attachments and give more firing stability.


One of the PUBG Mobile Weapon. It is the second powerful weapon in sniper rifles category. It gives great stopping power and has a damage factor of 88. The user can find this gun only in loot crates. This gun has coupled with 8x scope, suppressor, cheek pad and quick draw. But cheek pad and suppressor give better advantages over your opponents.

PUBG M24 Gun

All the sniper rifles have a bolt action mechanism and you can fire every time one round. But these rifles have lower magazine capacity and it has extended with the mag. It supports both 8x and 6x scope which is working well. The user gets extra additional stability that is cheek pad.

Most Used PUBG Weapons To Win The Game


DP-28 has designed with base damage factor of 51. It the most powerful light machine gun in PUBG mobile. It uses 7.62 mm ammo type.


Normally it is found freely on the map but it gives a low rate of firing. 47 bullet magazines are there and it is very useful for short range.


Another light machine in best guns in PUBG mobile. It supports only scope attachments in the play and good enough for 4x scope. But the damage factor of this weapon is 45 and it uses 5.56mm ammo. Now it has hold single magazine up to 100 bullets. It is more suitable for shorter and medium range.


Above mentioned both light machine guns are prepared for the scope. We suggest that it is most suitable for 4x and 2x scope for a shorter distance range.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Guns To Win Chicken Dinner 

Tommy gun

The classic Tommy submachine gun which has a base damaged capacity of 40. It is the best weapons in PUBG 2019 mobile. It has quite challenging of slow reload time, high recoil and no slight attachment support.Tommy gun

Tommy gunThis weapon is much better than enhanced with an extended quickdraw mag, vertical foregrip and suppressor attachments.


One of the best submachine weapons in PUBG mobile 2019. It gives a high balance between power and easy use from the three SMGs. This gun was designed with a damaging factor of 39 and has one attachment to use. It uses 9mm ammo and enhanced with Thumb grip, holographic, extended quickdraw, and red dot sights.


Commonly, all these submachine guns support extended quickdraw mad and suppressor. Based on user individual preference you can select the grip and has a scope capacity of maximum 2x magnification.

Best Guns Used In PUBG 2019


The best shotguns in PUBG mobile. It has a damage factor of 24 and very effective in close quarter battles. This shotgun is mainly used for clearing the houses and best suited for firing two rounds.S686

S686It supports two attachments they are Bullet loops and choke. When you increase the reload speed it automatically reduce the bullet spread.


Another shotgun and equally powerful as the above-mentioned one. It hits the base damage factor of 24 and has higher bullet spread. This shotgun has enhanced with Bullet loops and chokes and you can use this up to 12 gauge rounds. You can easily find this weapon in houses.

All the above-mentioned attachments are most suitable for shotguns. They are 8x and 4x scope. Suppressor and extended quickdraw are also included in it.


Above mentioned all PUBG mobile weapons list in 2019 are very helpful for the game players to get chicken dinner in game. In this article, we mentioned some of the most powerful and best Guns which are used in PUBG game to win and get the chicken dinner. Also, the game lovers who wish to play PUBG and win the game can now check for the latest updates on pubgforpc and win the chicken dinner.


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