Download PUBG Mobile Official Emulator 2019 For PC | PUBG Mobile On PC Using Emulator


PUBG is the one and only popular and successful game of the year. The game is officially available for the Mobile devices. It is free to play and no fee to pay for Android and also iOS systems. But most of the players like to play the game in PC and play stations. The PUBG game needs high-end processor along with a good graphics card. If you want to play the game on PC then one can use a few emulators like Bluestacks or Nox. But all these have some limitations. So in taking this into consideration PUBG Team – Tencent has launched the Official PUBG Mobile Official Emulator For PC to Download for free.

PUBG Mobile Official Emulator

For the players who prefer to play in PC, this emulator is a perfect choice. This PUBG PC emulator will help you to enjoy the latest Mobile version on PC. We can control the gameplay with the help of a keyboard and mouse. So, this will enhance and gives you good experience in playing PUBG.

PUBG Mobile PC Emulator Download
PUBG Mobile PC Emulator Download

The emulator will get you all the features of the latest version of Mobile PUBG. You can play the game on the big screens and also no worry about the battery of Mobile. You can have clear control on a large screen than the small one of PUBG Mobile 2019. The download of the Tencent official PUBG Mobile PC Emulator Download is very easy. This can be installed on your PC and play PUBG with full sources. Here we will see How to Use the emulator in PC for PUBG Mobile Download.

Download PUBG Mobile PC Emulator 

To play your PUBG Mobile on PC you need to download and install Tencent Gaming Emulator and run it on windows. So, now let us see the installation process of this PUBG Mobile PC Emulator 2019 on Windows.

Steps To Install the Emulator For PUBG

  • Open your browser and type PUBG Mobile emulator and click on enter. Tap on Tencent Gaming Buddy website.
  • Click on download on the screen to save Tencent Gaming Buddy file on your Windows.
Emulator For PUBG Mobile
Emulator For PUBG Mobile
  • Open the file and install it on your windows and make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Then click on start to run the interface and now it will download the Gaming Engine to run the game on PC.
PUBG Mobile PC Emulator
PUBG Mobile PC Emulator
  • When this completes it automatically start the download of PUBG Mobile game from the servers.
  • You can now choose the Graphics quality you want to play. Click on the settings on the top right corner and set the parameters.
PUBG Mobile For PC
PUBG Mobile For PC
  • Now, the installation of PUBG Mobile PC emulator Download is done and you can play PUBG on your PC.

PUBG Mobile On PC Using Emulator

The playing of the PUBG game on PC is very easy and if you have any troubles with controls. You can just press Esc Key and customize the controls according to your concern. The few controls available by default when you play PUBG Mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator are

PUBG PC Emulator
PUBG PC Emulator

Left click: Fire, push or use a weapon

Right Click: Ads

Space Bar: Jump

Shift: Sprint

Mouse Lock: AutoRun

F1: For a quick look at all controls

F: To interact

As per the discussion above we can change these settings according to our comfort of playing the game.

PUBG Mobile Official Emulator 2019 For PC

This is the process of downloading and installing PUBG Mobile PC Official Emulator. It is given by the Tencent Gaming Buddy and it works very efficiently. There is no comparison with the other regular emulators. So, check out this new PUBG Mobile emulator For PC and enjoy playing the game. To know more updates about PUBG just tuned to pubgforpc and get all the updates.


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