PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks To Win | Tips For Landing Shoot Vehicles MiniMap


PUBG: The most trending game played by almost every smartphone user. Everyone is a player of this game and wants to see those final words chicken dinner. This represents that you won the game. To be a prominent player among others in PUBG then it is not an easy task. To survive the game until the last you need to know a few tips which will make you the Pro of the game.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks To Win

The concept of PUBG is to survive until the final but not to kill players. Sometimes we can win the game without one shot. The game last for a half hour and more or end in a few seconds. There is always a consistent hazard from the other player of being shot. We need to be very careful and observe all our directions to get not Shooted by enemies.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

If you are a beginner in the game then follow these amazing tips Of PUBG and win chicken dinner. These tricks will help you to stand in the game for a long time. We also mentioned the tips that are useful for good players to make their game better. The player should choose things wisely from the beginning of survival. You need some practice and patience to be the top player. Below are the few tips and tricks which will be helping you during the play. This will be like the ultimate guide to becoming a pro in the game.

Tips And Tricks To Win Pubg Game

Landing tips:

PUBG Landing Tips
PUBG Landing Tips

Clearly choose the location where to land from the parachute. Open your map and decide. Choose the spots where you can loot the weapons easily. Don’t jump in the places where players are more this may cause to loss of the game very fast. Prefer places with a building which are shown as white blocks in the map. So, that you can grab guns and move forward to your way.

Loot The Weapons:

When you got down to enter the buildings. See all the rooms and search carefully for the weapons scattered around. Without them, you can’t survive in the game. Pick up the medical and first aid kits which are very much preferable.

Shoot Tips:

If you are in the solo gameplay there is no chance of revives in the game. So, we need to be very careful. Aim the shot correctly and then shoot the enemy. Hide when your enemy is chasing. Open your weapon when you are sure with the target only. Put away your weapon so you can rush fast.

 Tips For Landing Shoot Vehicles MiniMap In Pubg 2019

Hide And Run:

Always run in a zigzag way to confuse other players. Going in a straight way will always show your path easily to the enemies. In PUBG you will have people hiding and waiting for the one who got up first. So, be careful and peek. Check your surroundings during this. If an unknown player comes from the back then the game ends for you.

Mini Map:

Always check the map while playing. You will have the safety region with a green circle on the map. If you take more time in the restricted area you will be out of the game. So, always keep an eye on the map. In some landscape region, the circle will be compressed.

Choose vehicles:

You need vehicles in the battleground. These are used to go to other places very fast. Make sure you are safe while collecting them. There will be others who are waiting for it. Jeeps are slow but will give you better protection than motorcycles.


When you are playing in a group communicate with others. In this mode, you will be landed in Erangel map where there will be few players. All of them will be trying to strike. So, constant communication with your group can make you listen to the Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! Words.

 Progressive Tips For PUBG To Win Chicken Dinner

  • Drink the energy drinks you find in the buildings to have a boost in the speed of your run.
  • Always sin underwater to escape the shots and be careful while you are coming out of rivers.
  • Use silencers which are available for AR sniper, SMG, and So, you cannot be recognized by the enemies.
  • Always a take a cover when you are in an open place. The chances of an attack in the open place are more which ends your game.
  • Remove the unwanted stuff from your backpack by just tapping on the bag. We can do this while running or going in the vehicle. So, you can run quickly and energy is saved.
  • Collect the gun attachments for the accurate shots. This will make your life easier.
  • Sprinting is the most used way to cross the maps quickly. Lock the sprinting with a tap on the running icon next to the map.
  • Use your automatic weapon wisely. These may kill you as they have an inaccurate position and give your location to other players.


These are the tips and tricks for PUBG game. This ultimate guide will help you to become a pro in the game. Go through them and try to implement in the game which will help you to survive for a long time and win the game. All the pubgians can now get the regular updates on pubgforpc.


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