PUBG Xbox One Download Latest Updates Install Tips and Tricks


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is now available on Xbox One through Microsoft. Xbox One is nothing but an eight generation home video game consoles. Developed by Microsoft. In May 2013 they announced that it is the successor of the Xbox latest version 360 and it is the Xbox family console. It was first released in North America in November 2013. Later in September 2014, it was released in Japan, China, and other European countries. The PUBG is the first Xbox game console released in China. Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U are against consoles of Xbox One.

PUBG Xbox One Download

First, it is fully based on PowerPC architecture, but after some time it had shifted to x86 architecture which is used in original Xbox. The entire controller was redesigned to Xbox 360 controllers. Xbox one had received positive reviews for redesigned controllers, multimedia features and voice navigation. It is the best video game console.

Microsoft had now brought the free battle royale shooter to Xbox one video game console. A User had experience in playing battle royale using PCs. That is more helpful when the user wants to play the battle royale using Xbox one video game console. While using it one can find some difference between PC’s and Xbox One while playing PUBG.

PUBG Xbox One Download
PUBG Xbox One Download

In 2017 PUBG is the biggest success story in gaming. Now it is released on Xbox One. Microsoft had started the development of game console and now it had picked up the deal with console debut and also published the game via the Xbox game preview program. On December 12 Microsoft had released the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground in Xbox One via both digital and physical versions. They informed that up to 30GB storage is required for downloading the PUBG on Xbox One and the same storage is required for PCs. A User had different ways to download the games on the Xbox One. They are

• The user can buy a game on disc
• Download the game from Microsoft’s Store

Updates Tips And Tricks Of PUBG Xbox One

After buying the game on disc the user needs to install the game on user console’s hard drive before you can play it. First, the user has to insert the game disc, after that console checks whether the game already installed or not. If the game already installed then a user can play the game. If it not installed then the user can first install the game and then they can play the game. And also user can be prompted to download an update to the game before they play it.

A User can use another method to download the games in Xbox One i.e. using Microsoft’s Store. You can easily download the game from Microsoft’s Store and it will install automatically. After completion of game download and install process, it appears in the section of my games and Apps. By using these two process a user can easily download the games and can play very easily.

The PUBG Xbox One version 1.0 is the updated one. It will improve the performances of the game when compared to other versions. Requires 13.54GB for downloading. It optimized the loading high-resolution texture and level streaming on Xbox One. Some of the Gameplay tips and tricks listed here:

• Best clothes for PUBG characters
• Freefall with speed
• Master the map
• Avoid the red zone
• Empty your backpacks
• Manually drop weapons
• Change your firing mode

PUBG Tips Tricks To Win The Game

People playing Pubg on their devices are now showing to win the game at any chance. So to make that easier we have provided some easy tips and few tricks to Win PUBG ON PC. In order to win the game, the user has to maintain some specifications on PC to win PUBG.

Options Settings Maintained On Device
Mode Of The Screen Fullscreen
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Screen Brightness 50 to 70
Textures Medium
Screen Scale 100
Anti Aliasing, Post Processing, Shadows, Effects, and Foilage Very Low
 V-Sync, Motion Blur Off

PUBG, the best royal battle game played by every game lover. When the user plays the PUBG game using video game console it will give you the high entertainment. It is very interesting and the best game for the people. It provides a lot of entertainment to its users with different features and specifications. More about the app are clearly discussed in our web portal pubgforpc. Soo bookmark our page to get more updates.


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