How To Change The Name And Appearance In PUBG Mobile Game


If you are a game lover then you definitely knew about PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. So, in recent days all are playing PUBG mobile game on Android and iOS devices. It is the most interesting and very popular game application. This game requires players to fight to survive the game. The last player who will remain in the battleground is the winner of PUBG and he gets the Chicken Dinner.

Change Name And Appearance In PUBG

PUBG application allows its users to choose their name and appearance. But the user needs to follow some process to change the name and appearance in PUBG mobile. So, if you are searching for the information about how to change the appearance and name in PUBG then you are in the right place.

PUBG Name and Appearance Change
PUBG Name and Appearance Change

Steps To Change Name and Appearance in PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile game has become very popular in this internet world. Almost daily a large number of users are playing this game on Android and many other devices. The one main reason for its popularity is that it allows all types of users in Battlegrounds. People can also search here for PUBG Mobile Apk 2019.

Already PUBG mobile game is downloaded and installed on every smart device. Also, people started the gameplay in a fast manner. People who want to change the name and appearance can now follow the below steps and enjoy PUBG Mobile game on your device.

Steps To Change Name in PUBG 2019

PUBG Name Change
PUBG Name Change

The users never change the name in PUBG then they definitely need the Name Change card to change the name. The Name change card item is available to all users who updated to 0.4 versions. If the users who have not collected the card, then the item will be available in your updated rewards.

After that go to inventory and open the Box item at the bottom. There you can use the name change card to change your name in PUBG. On the other side, if you have already used your name change card and that comes with the updated version of 0.4. There you have a way to change your name once again. For that, you need to follow some steps.

  • First, you need to complete all the levels up to 10.
  • After completing level 10 then users get mission rewards in that name change card is also included.
  • Now, you can use that card to change your name once again.

Steps To Change Your Appearance in PUBG Game

PUBG Appearance Change
PUBG Appearance Change
  • Changing your appearance in PUBG mobile is very easy when compared with changing the name. Below steps are used for you to change your appearance in PUBG Mobile.
  • Make sure that you have 3000BP.
  • Then open the main menu and select inventory.
  • Once, the inventory option is opened then automatically reset appearance option is available on the right next to your player.
  • On that page, it will provide all the necessary options to change the appearance in PUBG mobile.
  • Ensure your changes and pay the dues.

With the help of above information, PUBG players can easily change their name and appearance in PUBG Mobile game. In this article, we mentioned some of the content about how to change the appearance and name in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Also, gamers can now check for more updates on PUBG on a pubgforpc portal.


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